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Cheers to the Substantial Leap towards a Greener Environment and Intensified Aviation Industry of India!3 min

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Noida has planned to have Asia’s Largest Net-Zero Emissions Airport!
The net-zero emission Airport is a substantial step towards decarbonizing India. Noida International Airport is the first Airport in India to have net-zero emissions. The Airport will also have a drastic impact in unclogging the high traffic at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. This Airport will cater to the people of Delhi, Noida, Agra, Ghaziabad, and other nearby regions.
Now including the Noida International Airport, Uttar Pradesh has become the only state with five International Airports in India.

7 Key attractions of the Noida International Airport include:

  1. Net-Zero Emissions Airport: Net-zero emissions is actually achieved by removing the harmful greenhouse gasses produced through several measures like incorporating Solar Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, effectively utilizing Green Hydrogen etc.
  2. Integrated Multi-modal Cargo: It implies that the Airport will have an integrated multi-modal cargo system where different transport mode functions to move the cargo freely and thus, proves to be an enhancement towards the logistics and operations and thus making it efficient. 
  3. Integrated Metro and Railway Station: The Airport is not only expected to have an integrated Metro, but it will have interconnectivity with the Railway station as well. The Airport will have a direct connection with the Delhi to Varanasi rail route and reducing the journey to the Airport from Delhi to only 21 minutes.
  4. Integrated Bus Services: All the major highways like Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, and all such close by highways will get interconnected with the Airport.
  5. Private Parking Facilities: With the integration of different transport modes, there is a proper space allocated to the private parking in addition to having a large foyer consisting of Business areas, Restaurants, and Lounges.
  6. Ideated as a Swing Aircraft: The swing aircraft concept implies that the Airport will be operating both the national and international flights from the same stand. This will make the passengers on-boarding and de-boarding process streamlined and thus efficient.
  7. India’s largest MRO: A significant area of 40 acres will be dedicated to the maintenance, repairing, overhaul operations of the Aircraft. The MRO will further be expanded to a larger area making it the India’s biggest MRO for Aircrafts. The MRO center will not only cater to Aircrafts from India, but it will also facilitate international Aircrafts.

Aligned with this, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has pledged to become net-zero carbon emissions Airport by 2030. Net zero emission Airport implies that the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Airport such as carbon dioxide, will be removed through several substantial measures to deal with Global Warming.

Some of the measures implemented by the management to achieve the net zero emission by the designated time include:

  • Integration of Roof-Top Solar Panels as part of utilizing the renewable energy
  • Green infrastructure
  • Multiple passenger connectivity networks
  • Incorporating Water Treatment Plants
  • Energy efficient lighting facilities
  • Employment of Taxi Bot

Coming back to the Noida International Airport, the airport is expected to garner 12 million passengers in the first phase. With the multi-model transit hub, it will bring efficiency in terms of mobility in different dimensions.

At the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Noida International Airport, Prime Minister Modi had shared that India spends Rs 15,000 crore on  the plane for repair which is done abroad.

Inida has an existing MRO center in Nagpur and the Aircrafts coming to the Mumbai Airport get repaired there but the Aircrafts from Cities like Delhi can’t be sent there for repair. With this MRO at Noida International Airport, all such Aircrafts will get an easy accessibility to the repairs and maintenance of Aircrafts.

We can apparently imagine the scenario of the benefiting prospects with this high capacity and efficient MRO. There will be thousands of Jobs  coming in the Indian Market. Since the MRO will be catering to the International Aircrafts as well, that not only implies more job opportunities but eventually results in further economy boost.

To conclude, the Noida International Airport is a vital step towards enhancing the connectivity and a much-needed move to boost the Aviation Industry of India. The Airport will not only employ thousands of people but also a breakthrough step towards a sustainable future by taking crucial steps in decarbonizing India.

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