How to Learn Automotive Concept Car Sketching Online

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If you are head over heels for cars and willing to learn how to draw cars, the vast world of internet is a great place to start. The web is filled with car sketching tutorials which can teach you everything about drawing cars; from fundamentals to sketching a car in Photoshop. However the problem with online car sketching tutorials is that they are too many of them and a lot of your precious time gets consumed in categorizing the best from the worst. To make it easy for you, here is a list of options that you could try out, which Launchpad Academy feels are quite helpful and worth your time. Also find out the limitations of online car sketching tutorials and learn about the various alternatives available.
Learn from YouTube
Design is not something that you could read and understand. In order to understand sketching concepts like angles and perspectives you need to see how it’s done in the first place. And for a ‘See and Learn’ approach, you couldn’t ask anything more than YouTube as a beginner. There are several YouTube channels that provide car sketching tutorials for free and we feel these three are the best ones of the plenty lot.

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson is a renowned concept artist and transportation designer who graduated from Art Center College of Design who has worked with high profile clients like BMW, Fiat and Raleigh Bicycles.
  • Driven Mavens
    Driven Mavens is an active YouTube channel run by Arvind Ramkrishna, where he posts video tutorials about automotive design, sketching basics and other fundamentals on a regular basis. The videos are mainly focused on sketching cars using both traditional and digital mediums.
  • Sangwon Seok
    Sangwon Seok, a car sketching YouTube channel is named after the tutor himself, who is a Korean transportation designer by profession.

Visit Design Websites and Join Groups
If YouTube channels aren’t sufficient to quench your hunger for car sketching, you could visit websites like and to learn car sketching and gather other relevant information. Along with sketching and designing, it is a good habit to communicate with fellow student designers and experts by involving yourself in online design communities and social media groups. and are two great websites to get started on the same. You get to see great car design portfolios, learn how to make your own portfolio and also showcase it for reviews and suggestions from experts and recruiters.
Limitations of Online Car Sketching Tutorials
However not everything is right with free online car sketching tutorials. Here’s why.

  • Once you have passed the beginner phase, refined your skill set and want something equivalent to that of design schools, these tutorials start to seem too basic and less informative. They are just pre-recorded videos which are made with a general audience in consideration, mostly beginners.
  • Online tutorials as mentioned above lack an active interaction between the student and tutor and limit themselves to pre-recorded videos and comments. Adding to it, as the number of subscribers increase, there is a high chance that your comments are overlooked or go unnoticed forever.• To conclude, a design student needs great personal attention from the tutor which these tutorials simply fail to provide.

You need an alternative that can make up for the lack of personal attention in car sketching tutorials. Once you have surpassed the beginner stage, what you need is a course which teaches you in-depth, not a tutorial which is an overview of one such course. DIYguru Automotive Sketching and Drawing Course program is a great example of such a course, which comes with the perks of being an ‘interactive’ online course. An interactive online course lets you interact with tutors, get inputs on your works and simultaneously polish your skillset.
Once you are confident about your sketching skills and portfolio, it’s time to go one step further and take up a professional design degree in a reputed design school. Hope the information provided was sufficient to answer your question ‘How to Learn Car Sketching Online’. Happy sketching!

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